Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Friday, 1 December 2017

christmas hats on a loom

hello everyone

This Christmas I have decided to make my Christmas presents. I have lots of wool and many sizes of looms. It’s nice to create my own presents for my friends and family, not only that it will save me a lot of grieve from running around the retail stores trying to decide what to buy.  I find the commercial aspect of the holidays a bit overwhelming so this year

 its’  hats off to me’

Lil Elf hat for a 10 month old


Purple loom with 31 pegs , crochet hook, loom pick, scissors, darning needle lionbrand homespun #6 superbulky 88% polyester 12% acrylic colour dove
Impeccable yarn medium #4 100% acrylic, colour green
White faux fur Pom Pom and jingle bells, decorations optional

Crochet cast on
Knit 12 rounds , change colour, bring bottom loops up and knit off to green

I used 2 strands of the green yarn

Knit apx 15 rounds
Decrease 2 knit 5 round
Decrease 2 knit 4 round
Decrease 2 knit 4 rounds
Decrease 2 knit 2 rounds
Decrease 2 knit 2 rounds
Continue to do this until there are 2 loops left on the loom
Bind off the last 2 pegs

Sew up the inside and add the Pom Pom

Here are a few examples of some of my hats, if you would like to know more about how I made the or to get the pattern please contact me in the comment section below

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

guardians of the 4 elements

The original sketch of the womans face was used with water colour pencils, conte and soft pastels. I layered animals, symbols and colours to represent each element, air, water, fire and earth earth. Sometimes I have a hard time knowing if one is finished, I step back into the picture on different days with different feelings

Air is from the east, she is with feathers and likes the colour yellow


water is from the west she likes silver, shiny objects, mother of pearl, silver and cups. her colour is blue

Fire is from the south, she likes wands and the colour red

Earth guards the North she likes copper pennies and acorns her colour is green